Hello Students,

This pathway to literature is a specially designed online training portal, offering interactive lessons and exercises. The target audiences of this program are for secondary students in Malaysia. However anyone with a passion for literature must find this site useful and interesting as well. The basic literature components are emphasized in order for self-motivated students to empower themselves as well as teachers to conduct interactive teaching exercises. A separate teacher’s guide is also provided for the aspiring young teachers. Good luck in your expedition into English literature.

“The only sensible ends of literature are, first, the pleasurable toil of writing; second, the gratification of one’s family and friends; and lastly, the solid cash.” – -Nathaniel Hawthorne

Why Literature?

Literature is interesting and amazing. We can discover new aspects of life through literature. Moreover, it has a strong bond with our real life. We can relate the works or product of literature to our own life experiences, which makes us easy to understand.

Teaching literature not only improves reading fluency through the expansion of vocabulary, but also increases students’ reading comprehension skills. Comprehension skills not only include retelling main events, but also include the ability to identify the author’s choice or words, central themes, character development, symbolism, irony, etc.

Including literature especially classical literature supports the idea of teaching a truly integrated curriculum.  For example, classical literature can be used to teach history and language arts.  One does not need to have a specific course designed solely around reading classical literature.  It can be used in history and writing classes to encourage higher level thinking skills.

It will be fun to break from the traditional method of teaching literature to a more innovative and creative teaching method. This blog will help you to enjoy learning literature by browsing through the various activities designed to help you understand the text better…

The interactive exercises and videos will help both teachers and students to visualize and understand the text!! Have fun exploring!!