One Is One and All Alone – Nicholas Fisk

Posted: November 12, 2010 in Book Reviews

A  little girl on a two year journey to a space station bored out of her wits decided to use the space-ship lab to clone herself with the help from a machine called the Voice-Printer. Having a clone as a companion was fun at first but soon the clone wore the girl down. She was so fed up that she decided to get rid of the clone. However, there is a twist to the story.

As clones can think alike, it was Clo who actually got rid of Trish by dumping her outside the space-ship as space rubbish. She then took on the role of Trish for the rest of the journey.

  1. noriszayyani97 says:

    can you give me full of literation like ‘komponen sastera’ please commented me if i wrong?

    • noriszayyani97 says:

      could you give me a full literation of short story ‘one is one and all alone’ please send to my e-mail as soon as possible please !

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