Here’s A Sample of An Interactive Lesson Plan

Posted: November 10, 2010 in Teacher's Guide
Date 26th October 2010
Duration 60 minutes
Students Background Form Four
Topic In the Midst of Hardship

To able students to comprehend and understand the poetic elements in a poem.


Learning Outcomes

By the end of the lesson, students should be able to :

1)      read and understand the poem

2)      discuss about natural disaster and the consequences.

3)      write a short description about the pictures of a natural disaster


Instructional Aids


Previous Knowledge Students have previous knowledge on natural disasters and poems.



Stage Instructional Activity Learning Activity
Introduction ( 10minutes )


To draw students’ attention and create interest

To introduce the title of the poem and the author’s background.



Show a slide show of the natural disasters


Reveal the URL

and ask the students to browse


Teacher will read aloud the poem and allow students to read the poem from the site.

Get an general idea of the poem.


Recall the poems which they have learnt and introduce the elements.

Development Activity 1

( 20 minutes )

To give a brief visualization on the poem

Students are asked to browse the meaning of the stanzas and the poetic elements found in the poem. Recall the poems which they have learnt and introduce the elements that they have to analyze.
Development Activity 2

( 20 minutes )

Once students have familiarized with vocabulary and the meaning, they are asked to answer the interactive exercises. Recall and evaluate their understanding by answering the questions.
Conclusion ( 10 minutes )

To recap the lesson of the day.


Students are asked to browse pictures of natural disasters and write simple description about the disaster. Reaffirm their understanding on natural disasters.



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